The New World Translation

New World Translation Curiosities – Intro

Yes! The New World Translation is a valid translation. A video series that looks into it! Here is the link to the “playlist” containing the complete video series:

New World Translation Curiosities #2 – “Only Begotten” & “Beginning”

A discussion on the New World Translation and the ‘King James’ Bible and other translations. Highlighting “beginning” and “only begotten.”

New World Translation Curiosities #3 – “I am”

The Third video discussing the differences between the New World Translation, the King James Version and others.

New World Translation Curiosities #4 – “Today,” Comma

A brief discussion on “Truly I tell you today you will be with me in paradise.” Where can the “comma” be placed?

New World Translation Curiosities #5 – “a god” “Colwell’s Rule”

Here is a link to a web-page where there is a list of 217 different translations and their readings of John 1:1

New World Translation Curiosities #6 – Robbery, Harpagmos

This is definitely the most challenging video to make so far. Philippians 2:6. I had to cut so much out of the video since it went for too long. Most of what was deleted were the various sources of people that were around at the creating of the second meaning of harpagmos. All were hundreds of years after Christ. There was a steady and clear definition of “harpagmos” since the writing of the Greek Septuagint, and for hundreds of years afterward. Then a quick change during an apostate era just a few hundred years after the completing of the Biblical cannon. My focus was the definition of harpagmos during the time the bible authors lived, and less on the hundreds of years later. YouTube provides closed-captioning if you click/tap on the “CC”. This might help for better understanding. Link to the complete article relating the ‘revised’ NAB;…

New World Translation Curiosities #7 – “Other”

I’m sometimes questioned about the NWT “all other things” in Col. 1:16. here’s my response….

New World Translation Curiosities #8 – Jehovah; Hebrew Scriptures

The next video comparison of the NWT with King James. Here we talk about the name “Jehovah” in the Old Testament or Hebrew scriptures within various translations and even a little on why many translators don’t always translate God’s name but use “LORD.” A follow-up video is presently in production on “Jehovah” in the New Testament or Greek Scriptures. Subscribe and hit the “bell” icon for notice of when it is posted.

New World Translation Curiosities #9 – Jehovah in the NT, Nomina Sacra

This video we discuss the name “Jehovah” in the New Testament along with the little known “Nomina Sacra.” (Please pardon the “bzzzz.” We didn’t know, then, we had a microphone cord problem.) Here is the link spoken of in the video..

New World Translation Curiosities #10 – Granville Sharp Rule Titus 2:13 God, Savior

Here is one of the most challenging videos we made so far. A lot of deep “homework.” But we ended up using only the basic information and understanding since things appeared to be getting quite complex. So the video is basic but the points are clear (I hope!). Post in the comment what you think. Phil. 4:8

New World Translation Curiosities #11 – Cross; Orthodoxy

Should the bible translate ‘Starous’ as “Cross” or “Stake”? What does the original Greek word mean? This video discusses that. It’s the longest video we made so far. There is quite a bit of abrupt editing just to shorten it some. (Yes, I need a haircut! 🙂 ) ** One source I missed identifying (and I happen to overlook putting the book on the table with the other reference books) is from my 10 volume edition of “Theological Dictionary of the New Testament” .. starting at the 5:50 time mark, I read from volume 7, page 572, for those that may wish to follow up. **……… Gunnar Samuelsson……